Thursday, October 30, 2008

Weekly checkup

Hooray for my liver! He's still doing well, working hard and getting better, Dr. M actually patted me on the shoulder in approval. If things continute at this rate he'll be hoisting me up on his shoulder and carrying me round Princess Margaret Hospital! I have to stay on the same meds at the same rate (Hydroxyurea, or Hydrea, which is a chemotherapy drug often used
first in the treatment of CML. It's lethal to mature leukemic cells and can bring elevated white blood counts back to normal; however, it does not kill many leukemic stem cells in the bone marrow, and therefore does not effectively slow the progression of the disease) But he's considering that I need to start on Nilotinib (brand name Tasigna) because it has fewer liver complications (10 people who had liver probs on Gleevec got transferred to Nilotinib and only 2 of them developed complications) or Disatinib (brand name: Sprycel) which is already on the market and 300 times more potent than Gleevec. You have to apply to the company for Nilotinib and have to have an ECG before-hand but I had a sneaky peak round some websites and found that only 15% of people taking it felt tired and it seemed to have less fluid retention and weight gain than Imatinib/Gleevec - Hurrah! Less pleural iffusions too - double hurrah (I have no idea what a pleural iffusion is and I don't want to find out)


Heather said...

Go Oliver, keep getting better!

Here the Def. of the pleural effusion. I'm only going to URL it so you don't have to read it if you don't want to.

BTW , thanks for doing this, so we can have intelligent (HAH!) conversations 'cause I'll know what questions to ask, instead of almost starting from scratch.

Heather BT

Anonymous said...

Hi Pidgeroo, I cannot even begin to imagine what you are going through or what all these graphs and things mean.

Nice to hear from you. Sophie

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