Thursday, September 25, 2008

Off the Gleevec

Well, I've been off the Gleevec for about six weeks now. I came off it because my liver was reacting to it. I'd initially had to have an increased dose as it wasn't working too well and pretty soon my liver decided it didn't like the extra work and started complaining.

Poor old liver, I feel like I've let down a good friend. It's been there so many times for me before, working tirelessly through those Southern Comforts, Bombardiers and Mojitos and I never even said thank you, now he's unwell (funny that I should assign my liver masculinity, I'm sure a shrink would offer a reason) and there doesn't seem to be much I can do to help him. I've had no alcohol for six weeks but other than that, what can I do? The silly thing is that I'm feeling the best I've felt in a whole year. I woke up two days after no-gleevec feeling stronger, more flexible and finally alert. I've been free of 'brain fog' for six weeks now and have started losing all the weight that I'd gained on the medicine - apparantly some people lose weight with Gleevec, but oh no not me, I had to gain, though there has been a lot of comfort eating if I'm truthful.

I've barely needed a nap and have even been known to chase Jarvis to the slide and beat him down it. That would have been unheard of six months ago. To add insult to injury my blood is now better than it's been the whole time I've been on Gleevec, infact it's verging on normal, probably the reason that I have more energy as my red blood cells are back on duty.

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